Bet365 Guide : Understanding Settled Bets & Terminology

Bet365 allows users to view the history of all their unsettled and settled bets throughout their time as a customer, including those bets placed with the welcome bonus. This guide explains everything there is to know about settled bets, when they settle, the terminology associated with unsettled/settled bets and what to do in situations where a game has been abandoned.

To view the status of your bets:

  1. Click ‘History’ in the top-right corner of the desktop site, or tap the top-right icon and then history on the mobile site/app.
  2. Select ‘Settled Bets’ or ‘Unsettled Bets’ from the drop down menu.
  3. Pick a date range to view.
  4. Click the green ‘Show’ button.
  5. Tap a bet to expand its details and view each selections odds and betting market.

Placing a bet is relatively straightforward, even if you are new to Bet365 or sports betting websites. View our guide for details on how to place a bet with Bet365, single bets, different multiple bet types, and how to place accumulator bets.

Unsettled bets can be cashed out from either the ‘My Bets’ section of the bet slip on the desktop site, or the ‘My Bets’ link at the top of the page on the mobile & app. For full details about cashing out unsettled bets, view our guide to Bet365’s cash out functionality. It covers how it works, details of the slider, and reasons why bets cannot be cashed out.

When Are Bets Settled?  How Long Does It Take Bet365 To Settle A Bet?

Bet365 will mark bets as settled and pay out any winnings once each selection on the bet slip has been classed as finished. This is usually when a fixture has been played.

Certain betting markets involve particular events in a game/match, such as betting on the first half, betting on a player to score, or betting on the number of goals scored. These bets are often settled within minutes of the event taking place – so if a team scores, for example, bets on that team to score will normally be settled within a  minute or two of the goal.

Bet365 will take a little longer to settle a bet for lower leagues and obscure sports, particularly in situations where the game isn’t televised, streamed live on their site or considered to be ‘mainstream’. Bets on Manchester United to score against Liverpool are more likely to be settled straight away, as opposed to bets on an Israeli women’s football match, for example.

bet365 accumulator win

An unsettled bet slip when viewing the desktop site. It was a six-fold accumulator, three legs had won and three were still to play.

Bet Status

Bet365 has certain terminology that they use to describe the status of unsettled and settled bets. ‘Won’, and ‘Lost’ are rather self-explanatory. The other common terms that will occur on a bet statement will be:

To Run. The result ‘To Run’, means the bet is not yet settled. Either the event is yet to begin, is currently in-play, or it has recently finished and Bet365 are awaiting official confirmation until they process the result.

Push. Push is where you have bet on an event that is refundable. It has neither won nor lost. An example of this might be selecting the ‘Draw No Bet’ market on soccer. If the match ends a draw, this part of your bet will be refunded and marked as ‘Push’.

Void. The term ‘Void’ will appear on the Bet Slip where a game has been called off. There are certain betting market such as Asian Handicaps and player specific markets can often produce a ‘void’ result. For example, player markets such as ‘First Goalscorer’ will be marked as ‘Void’ if the player does not play.

Postponed Matches

Bet365 will leave a bet as unsettled when a match has been postponed or abandoned. If the match is re-arranged and the next fixture date is announced within 24 hours, Bet365 will leave the bet to run. If nothing has been heard it is likely the selection will be marked as void.

When Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

Bet365 will pay out on winning bets as soon as they are marked as settled. For an accumulator or multiple bet, this will be once all selections have been played and had their results confirmed.

You can check that the funds are in your account by clicking on your balance on the desktop-site and clicking ‘Refresh Balance’. The same can be done on the mobile site or app by tapping the icon in the top-right corner and tapping ‘Refresh Balance’.

For further reading, view our guide on how to withdraw from your bet365 account. It includes information on how to withdraw funds, which payment processors can be used, how long each method takes, and how to cancel a withdrawal.